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Dental cleanings in Basking Ridge

Dental cleanings are primarily designed as preventive care, while periodontal cleanings are more focused on treatment. They both do essentially do the same thing, though periodontal cleanings do more deeply, right down to the roots. It’s why they are also referred to as deep cleanings. Our Basking Ridge best dentist, Daniel W. Carey DDS is committed to keeping your teeth and gums in an optimal state of health, and regular cleanings are a significant part of that.

Every six months, you should come in for a complete oral examination, which includes periodic x-rays. In addition you will get a professional dental cleaning. The purpose of it is twofold. First is to eradicate the buildup of tartar, the hardened form of dental plaque that forms from plaque that is not removed as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. In and of itself, this is a huge benefit. Tartar is a major contributor to the onset of gum disease as well as dental decay and the cavities that result from it. The second purpose is to reverse the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. At that point, you will likely be experiencing irritation and redness. But when gum disease is not addressed in a timely manner, it progresses to the advanced stage called periodontitis. Inflammation occurs, and with it comes bleeding gums when brushing, receding gums, and/or persistent bad breath. A periodontal cleaning performed by our Basking Ridge best dentist is crucial, because otherwise the next steps are infection, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth.

Don’t ignore your gum health, and keep your teeth strong and intact. Schedule an appointment to come in for an examination and dental cleaning with our Basking Ridge best dentist. Reach out to our office right now to book a time.

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